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Imagine walking into a room and, in the blink of an eye, you intuitively know each person’s needs with laser accuracy. You sense who needs to be comforted, who needs to be nudged to get outside in nature to get grounded, and who needs help to release repressed emotions.

This is how most of our animal companions traverse through life each day . . . instinctively navigating in the fifth dimension of consciousness. Their innate sense to serve others is instinctively a part of their wiring. And they don’t have to physically be in the same room with you to know what you need, what you are feeling, or to help you release your burdens. You could be on Mars and they would still know when you are feeling unlovable and want to help you shift into knowing the truth of how lovable you are. This intuitive way of being connected to others is common in fifth-dimensional living. Perhaps you might already be having similar 5D experiences!

Animals Are the Ambassadors of 5D Consciousness

Animals have always been our guides, assisting us as we travel the ascension path from 3D to 5D. These wise ascension guides have been showing us the way to embrace a way of living that transcends the duality of 3D into one that supports healing for other beings simply by holding a higher state of consciousness. This ability to alter others as a result of maintaining a higher frequency is what I call the Transformational Loving Presence.

We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. Generally, animals merge their spiritual and physical realities together more graciously, which supports the retention of fifth-dimensional virtues. When all beings on Earth are habitually maintaining the attributes that arrive with 5D living, humanity, the animal kingdom, and our beautiful planet will be vibrating at a frequency not seen since the golden years of Atlantis. Fifth-dimensional virtues precipitate the natural unfolding of the path of the wayshower.

Let’s dive into this coveted level of consciousness that animals have mastered, upheld, and sustained with ease and grace, for it holds significant benefits for you. It will also improve your communication with animals and enable you to receive their spiritual messages in ways that don’t require them to have physical manifestations or negative behaviors to get your attention.

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What Is Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness?

Fifth-dimensional consciousness is a way of being and living your life with more peace and harmony. All beings are ascending, be it consciously or unconsciously, through their quest to hold a higher vibration, or higher frequency. The vibration of your body, mind, and spirit determines the experiences you manifest and your reactions to them.

The fifth dimension has been likened to experiencing heaven on Earth, and the good news is that it is available and attainable for all beings. Each and every person and animal is worthy of accessing and experiencing the higher dimensions.

All beings can have 3D, 4D, and 5D experiences in any given day. The goal, however, is to live more consciously by habitually making 5D choices until it becomes your new normal, like most animal companions have already mastered. When you are perpetually maintaining a frequency of 5D consciousness, your animal companion will reap the benefits of your vibration, and you will both have more heart-opening, loving experiences. One of my favorite daily mantras is God, help me to make 5D choices today! Just stating this to the Universe will set in motion your intention to call in an easier way of being and living.

Exercise: Embracing 5D Living

Take a deep breath and imagine that it is indeed possible for people and animals to ascend and experience the freedom of an authentic 5D lifestyle. Feel it in every fiber of your being. Take another breath with intention to sense and feel the 5D frequency even more intimately.

The time is now to embrace 5D living through the authentic essence that is you. Your incredible animals are here to assist you in the journey from 3D to 5D consciousness. Acknowledging the role animals are playing in our evolution will contribute to raising the collective consciousness. Enacting what they have modeled for us is the best way to honor their sacrifices on our behalf.

In this time of great potentiality to hold higher frequencies than ever before, our animal companions want to show us the way to our hearts and lift us into a 5D reality, if we are ready to raise our awareness and level of consciousness. Are you ready?

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BOOK: Animal Wayshowers

Animal Wayshowers: The Lightworkers Ushering In 5D Consciousness
by Tammy Billups.

book cover of: Animal Wayshowers by Tammy Billups.Animals are natural holders of 5D consciousness. The extraordinary animals who have chosen, at a soul level, to live alongside humans are lightworkers on the front lines of the animal kingdom’s mission to help people to heal, evolve, and assist in raising the vibration of the planet and collective consciousness to 5D.

As Tammy Billups reveals, once we become aware of the soul path of our animal companions, we are then able to connect with them soul-to-soul, not only supporting their soul missions but also finding the healing we need to let go of 3D reality. Sharing stories of incredible animal wayshowers from around the world, she explores the many levels of service your beloved animal friends are providing you every day, including during disasters, storms, and pandemics. She shows how they help shoulder the psychological and emotional burdens we are not yet capable of holding on our own and show us the way back to our own hearts. The author offers meditations, rituals, and exercises for applying the teachings of the animal stories shared, including transformational soul practices to embrace 5D frequencies, intuit heart intelligence, connect to the Higher Self, and heal the shadow.

Click here for more info and/or to order this paperback book. Also available as a Kindle edition.

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photo of Tammy BillupsTammy Billups is an international healing practitioner, educator, and pioneer on the animal-human sacred soul partnership. The creator of animal-human Tandem Healings, she has been a certified Interface Therapist (Bioenergetics) for more than two decades. she is also the author of Animal Soul Contracts and Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions.

Tammy has had numerous appearances on TV, radio, and podcasts –including CNN’s The Daily Share, Primetime Live ABC, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. She is also an ordained Inter-Faith Minister. For more information, visit 

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